Hello, my name is Joe Preiner.

I’m a Minnesota native working and living in Iowa. I'm an aficionado of futbol, sharks, sailing, and my alma mater, the University of Kansas.

I started my professional life in journalism and realized I didn't love it. But what I do love is effective communication. That's what I'm hoping to give the non-technical tech world with this site. If I can figure things out, I can help explain in non-technical words how you can do those things, too.

That's the dream. To build a following by helping us all learn things together. So drop me a question. Ask how you could do something using the tools Office 365 gives us. We'll figure it out together.

On this site I'm going to do everything I can to make sure all YOU have to do is copy/paste my stuff and edit it for your own purposes.

Let's do this.