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SharePoint: Listview threshold error even with filtering

Time to do this: 2 minutes

If you’ve worked with SharePoint long enough, you’ve encountered the 5000 item listview threshold. It’s the part of SharePoint that says “we’re not going to show you that many things” when you have a lot of things in a single list.

Microsoft gives you all sorts of ways to combat this. Indexing columns, filtering, creating new views, etc.

But what if you follow all those guidelines and it’s still throwing errors your way? Here’s a scenario I encountered and the root cause.

  • Have a list. List has more than 5000 items

  • Default listview is throwing threshold error

  • Default listview has filter to only show items when Created By is equal to [Me]

  • Default listview also has OR filter for a Yes/No column

In my case, removing the OR condition for the filter allowed the listview to load successfully. Microsoft’s “documentation” around this simply mentions using additional AND filter conditions. Using OR seems to cause issues.

So if you encounter this issue, and all your other list settings seem to be following best practice, check your filter setup.

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