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Flow: Solved error "API Hub token exchange internal server failure"

Time to do this: 2 minutes

This turned out to be less of an issue than I thought when I first saw the error message. This happened when trying to test run one of my workflows connected to a few SharePoint lists.

In the past, if the account I was using to build the Flow didn’t have access to a SharePoint site or SharePoint list, the actions and triggers would throw errors when I put in site URLs. This was a clear indication that my account didn’t have the right permissions on the associated site or list.

For whatever reason, that was not the case with this workflow. It allowed me to configure the trigger and all the steps and loaded the available lists on the sites I was referencing, even though the account I was using did not have access to those lists.

Once I figured that out I added the account to the lists and the workflow ran as expected.

Root cause in this instance: No account permissions on the lists referenced in the workflow.

Solution: add the user account to the list permissions

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