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SharePoint: Quick Edit option not available on list

Time to do this: 1 minute

When you work with enough lists in SharePoint, you’ll undoubtedly come across a situation where the “Quick Edit” option isn’t showing for you. This can happen for one of several pretty basic, distinct reasons.

  1. You have a column that isn’t supported in Quick Edit mode.

  2. You have grouping applied to your list view

Check those two things first. Think about what kinds of values should/would be easy to copy and paste into a list.

Some pointers:

  • If you have multiple lines of text columns, make sure they are set to plain text

  • Calculated columns won’t work with Quick Edit

  • For people fields, you can use quick edit if you’re copy/pasting in email addresses

If you want to use Quick Edit mode on lists, I typically recommend you create an “Upload” or “Quick Edit” view that doesn’t have sorting, filtering or grouping.

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