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Microsoft Forms: Copy a form to another user

Time to do this: 30 seconds

Have you ever spent a bunch of time creating a custom form in Microsoft Forms only to finish and realize it might have been better if you created it under a different user account? Maybe you want to create a workflow in Microsoft Flow with an admin account but you can’t pull back form response details from a “shared with me” form.

Been there.

Here’s the simple solution for copying it to another account:

  1. Copy the “Share to collaborate” URL from the original form

  2. Open that URL while signed in with the desired account in another browser (or private browsing session)

  3. Go to the Forms landing page for that account (click “Forms” in the ribbon)

  4. Click the “Shared with me” tab

  5. Click the ellipsis (…)

  6. Click “Copy”

This will create a copy of that form under your new user account. This makes it available to use in Flow and other Office 365 applications.

I’ve found this most helpful when you’re creating a form under a named account and need to instead have it under a service or admin account that’ll be around if the original creator leaves the company.

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