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PowerApps: How to add CSS to your text fields

Time to do this: Depends on how many text fields you want to style

As a Microsoft PowerApps novice, most of the text I’ve put on my custom apps/forms has been with the “Label” control. But recently I’ve been playing around with some popup-dialog functionality and I wanted to have a little more control over the styling of my text. Using labels, I found the supported syntax for things like line breaks uses Characters. So a line break inside of a label control is “& Char(13) &.”


I know a decent amount of HTML and CSS and I’d much rather be able to use that to style and control the text inside my forms and apps. So instead of using the label control, use the HTML text control.

Options for text elements you can add inside of PowerApps.

Options for text elements you can add inside of PowerApps.

With the HTML text control, you’re still working inside the quotes for the HTMLText value, but you can easily drop HTML and inline CSS into your field. This lets you use things like <br> for line breaks and style=”color:red” for your text styling.

Same kind of text control, but way more flexibility on the styling.

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